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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Steampunk Wedding Cakes!

A special day should have an unforgettable cake.  What could be more unforgettable than a steampunk-inspired tower of frosted goodness?!

For those concerned that convention dictates the cake must bow to tradition and not rock the boat, I say "nay"!  As one blogger said, "weddings now reflect the couple, themes can be anything you like, and cakes can be personal and EDIBLE."  Wonderful!  It is the couple's day, they should make it fun for them.

Three cakes in particular got the most attention on the web, and rightly so.  They are completely edible, and reportedly were very delicious.
So.  Here are a few photos to spark your creativity, or at least to make you drool:


This particular cake has the most photographs online of any steampunk cake I saw.  Their site is worth a look; they ship all over the USA.   All of their cakes are indeed original and amazing, and the flavors they offer sound scrumptious!

The above giant and detailed confection also has a fair share of mention on the internet.  Amanda at Venus Cakes in the UK created it.  Sadly, they only deliver locally!  A link to her blog entry about this cake: Steampunk Wedding Cake

And here we have the last of the three cakes I will mention here today. (Credit was not given where I found the photo.)  

I hope this entry has inspired some ideas for your next cake!  Weddings not required; perhaps an upcoming anniversary or a birthday would give occasion to stretch those steampunk-minded brain cells and decorating talents.  Yum!


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