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Monday, February 1, 2010

Necklace of the Duchess

Right before the reception, the duchess donned her favorite pearl and filigree necklace. She loved how the pendant accentuated her best features by trailing down her decollete assertively, but ever so gently....

 Another step in my journey into the world of elegant noir, this piece is my favorite of all the necklaces I have made so far. 

I listed the construction time as six hours; this may seem excessive to some, but each time I start a new piece, it takes a while to get the look I want!
I rearranged various components a few times to see where they looked the best, and tried many different colors and types of beads and pearls as well.   

Wiring the little tiny pearls and beads by hand took the lion's share of the six hours of assembly time, as I am still perfecting my beading techniques, and since every type of wire has different properties (thickness, strength, pliability, etc.), do-overs happen! 

In the end, I think this necklace is exactly what I wanted it to be, and more.  The Duchess Necklace is, of course,  for sale in my ArtFire shop.

Thank you for reading about my creative process.  ;-)



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