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Monday, July 12, 2010

8 Minutes of NeverWas -- video starring Catherinette Rings' Daniel Proulx

For many years, I have admired (and even envied) the wire-wrapping talents of the Canadian steampunk jewelry designer Daniel Proulx. He combines wire, gears, and round gemstone beads to create rings, bracelets, and even tiny steampunk robot critters for sale on Etsy and ArtFire. I own a ring by him; I had waited a long time to buy one, then finally took the plunge. He is a very busy person, but made the ring according to my wire and stone choices for no extra charge.

As you may have noticed, I usually mention my own jewelry or steampunk items made by other independent artists who have told me that they would appreciate a mention.   Though he and his distinctive jewelry are already world-famous in acclaim and certainly do not need attention from my humble blog, I am giving them attention anyway! Add videography to his list of talents; this is a creative eight-minute-long post-apocalyptic video he made to promote his jewelry.


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