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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Steampunk Motorcycles

     Venturing far from the venue of tiny handmade jewelry, I now give you a look at several unique machines.  Steampunk motorcycles!  They certainly are wonders to behold; some actually are ride-able and run on steam, some simply use steam as an accoutrement.

     Machines made to run on steam are often beautiful, but the process of harnessing such energy can have a dark side.  Instructions for the Field Steam Bike humorously remind the user of the volatile and often dangerous nature of steam power.   From the Steam Car Club of Great Britain site:
1.  Fill main tank with water and low-lead petrol
2.  Fill metholated tray for pre-heating vaporiser
3.  Pump up fuel pressure to 20psi
10.  To progress gently move cut off lever and PRAY. 

 Barro Motorcycles "steampunk" chopper
Some models are simply compilations of wondrous parts, made to resemble motorcycles.

     There are dozens of fine examples of steampunk motorcycles on the web.  The ones I have shown so far are real ... but web rumor has it that this one may be a concept only, but what a concept! ...

Whether ready-made or made-up, the vast world of mechanical steampunk creations continues to provide fascinating images for us to enjoy.  I hope you have enjoyed these!


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