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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Collection by DreamSteam - 10% Off Everything in the Shop

As the season for lighthearted mischief and/or possible reflection on our own mortality approaches, I have assembled a collection of a few pieces of my own which I think would make wonderful additions to a steampunk or noir ensemble.  Do click on the links in the captions to view the specifics of each item in my ArtFire shop.

Oh, and everything in my shop is now 10% off, for a limited time.  Squee!

But I digress. On to the jewelry!

"The Duchess" Noir Necklace

The first item is the dark filigree necklace which I neamed "The Duchess".  The design uses the understated elegance of seven lustrous pearls to make an unmistakeable impression. It also has its' very own blog post.

Antiqued Brass Scroll Stamping Earrings
 While not a match to the Duchess necklace, these brass earrings still have a regal aura about them.The hematite faceted beads sparkle above the pure brass Victorian-esque stampings and gears.

Brass Bourbon Decanter Tag Necklace

This cheeky adornment uses a brass bourbon decanter tag as the centerpiece, the pure brass chain accented by glass crackle beads to give it sparkle like the street lamps of New Orleans! How many people have you seen wearing a decanter tag as jewery? Exacty.  It is very unique, and would look fabulous on one bold enough to wear it.

Steampunk Sherriff - Brass Brooch

Going western? I have just the thing for you. The steampunk Sherriff's star!
     "This unique handmade brooch has the appearance of long-standing rugged authority; the quality components including a copper filigree star and brass pocket watch gear, have been aged to a multi-color finish as well as a distinctive verdigris (green) hue.
     The star itself measures just over 1 3/4 inches from tip to tip.
     The pin back and the gear cabochon are securely wired onto the star with pure copper wire to ensure durability on those long trail rides."  Saddle up, pardner!

So there are a few ideas for bold jewelry for your holiday season.  Of course, there are many more subtle pieces in my ArtFire shop, if you would like to peruse them.  If you have read this far, thank you for reading my self-promoting post. and I hope these pieces find a home (besides mine) soon!  =)



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