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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The answer to... what is the Steampunk version of "Ferret Shock"?

     One day, as I browsed the web for a long time searching for unique materials with which to make jewelry, I commented to a friend that I absolutely had to cease my efforts and go accomplish some daily tasks.  He inquired if I had "ferret shock," and pointed out that it was an actual term.
     Given that I have only met one or two ferrets, it took me a few seconds to remember that he may be referring to their love of all things shiny; I replied that in my case, such a syndrome would result from too many amazing old, rusty, copper and brass things, and that he must come up with a term for that.
Being a clever person, he instantly responded.  "Overclunk," he said.  Perfect!

The original definition:

Ferret shock: A state of extreme disorientation caused by an excessive number of choices or stimuli. Coined by Pete Abrams in the early years of the webcomic, Sluggy Freelance; specifically in reference to the character, Kiki, and her tendency to enter a catatonic state when faced with a large number of 'shiny' things.

This post may have more relevance after the weekend of the 25th, when I plan on making it to Anachrocon!
(Otherwise, it simply shares something I found amusing. *grin*)


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