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Monday, February 13, 2012

An Interview with Jake Von Slatt, Steampunk Maker Extrordinaire

     Certainly, Jake Von Slatt and his inventions need no introduction. For example, the modded keyboard and monitor, the motorcycle, the guitar are all a part of steampunk lore. 
     In this Make.com interview with the charming  man behind the machines, he speaks about the thought processes which lead to such marvelous creations.  (I was comforted by his stating that sometimes even he does not have the parts he needs for a project and simply improvises; here I thought I just had a poor supply of materials, when it is simply the order of things. Excellent!)  You will also see him etching the pickguard for his famous guitar, and see some about a steampunk bus to which he contributed.

     If you would like to see what Mr. Von Slatt is making and posting about these days, head over to his site, The Steampunk Workshop.  There, he also has content about all of his past projects (and a post regarding an e-textile cross stitch "Ohm Sweet Ohm" piece), including some information on how he made them.  I still adore his brass and gear Light Switch Plates. Enjoy!


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