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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tempting Teas! $5 Off Adagio Tea Orders

Greetings, all!

    Let me just get this confession out of the way: I adore tea. Any kind, any origin.

     When I was diagnosed with a medical condition that prohibited me from drinking tea, I was devastated. Give up my morning cup? That will not do!  But I had to, or keep having some quite painful issues, so I wiped away the tears and threw away my beloved tea. That was several years ago.

     Recently, my frustration and longing for a nice cup of tea led me to Adagio Teas, and I browsed their site for hours.  I chose a few varieties that I thought might lend themselves to some experimentation, to see if there is just one kind of concoction that resembles tea that I can drink without repercussions.  I placed an order for several samples, and they sent me a discount code to give to others.

     So, if it is of interest, please use this code and get $5 off of an order from Adagio.  They have a good variety of teas, herbal and otherwise, and the sample portions go for between $2-9, so you can try out ones that interest you without breaking the budget!

     Yummy treat! Here is a $5 gift certificate to Adagio Teas: 7665144551. Expires in 24 hours.

Do enjoy!

P.S. from 6/14/12 - I have to say that I am impressed with the company. I placed my order two days ago, and am now drinking what I ordered! The tea samples arrived in sturdy, well-marked, resealable bags; each one is color coded, as well, for white tea, black tea, herbal, etc. On each package is the ideal brewing temperature and time.  Oh, and so far, the tea is delicious!


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