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Sunday, June 3, 2012

For Sale: Gears and Singed Feathers Preserved in Two Miniature Resin-Filled Glass Bottles

Singed Feathers in Clear Glass Bottle

Feathers and Brass Watch Gear in Bottle

     Greetings, everyone!
      Due to one thing and another, I have not yet made these bottles into jewelry, so instead of tearing them apart and possibly ruining the pieces, I have decided to offer them for sale as curiosities. (I discovered how to make a relatively easy and functional hanging loop after I permanently affixed the corks into these bottles, and said technique must be done before adding the corks and before the resin hardens.)
      These bottles represent simple, first-time experiments with the materials, and should in no way be taken as the end-all of my feather/resin/bottle efforts.  As usual, I have come up with more a few more ideas, and must simply try them!

     (Want to know more about the materials I used? Read about other pieces which also utilized the Red Lory feathers (and tell more about the bird from whom they came) in this previous post.



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