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Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Draw Steampunk Machines

(Picture and Drawing by Huang, from CrabFu site)

 What comprises a steampunk machine? 

I-Wei Huang, the artist and maker of CrabFu Steamworks has created a wonderful guide explaining how to draw the various parts of a steam engine and related mechanisms.  It includes exhaustive explanations of how these parts function in a real steam machine.

He says that the essential parts boil down to the following: Flywheel, Oiler/ displacement lubricator, Governor, Condenser, Valves, Safety Valve, Water Sight, Glass, Water pump / tank, Gauges, Sprocket, Levers, and Whistles.  Simple enough?  Sure!  
Look up each part and gather images which help you understand and remember the purpose of each; then you can use the images to refresh your memory while drawing.  Familiarity with the workings of an actual steam machine will lend credibility to the amazing machine you dream up.

How do we begin?  Sketch "loosely" at first, drawing the main components of your machine, then add details over top of the initial drawing once the main parts are in place.  The human mind has an ability to fill in the blanks when viewing things.

"The #1 goal should be a well designed, balanced, and eye catching machine."  Above all, keep it simple and open.  Steampunk people want to see what makes things tick.  Enjoy!

~ DS


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