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Monday, March 29, 2010

All Things Steampunk, Redux

Browsing the past posts in a blog can be overwhelming.  Looking back over the wonders contained here, I found a few items that perchance warrant a little 'bump' to the top for your consideration, in case you missed them!

For Fun:

Steampunkopedia  - a guide to all things steampunk

Steampunk Name Generator - to add a bit of flair to one's alias!

the ever-popular Volkswagen VW Beetle, Victorian style

For your home:

How to 'Age' Brass

printable Victorian stencils with which to decorate elegantly

'Hard Country' Furnishings

My Jewelry still for sale on ArtFire:
(if the article links to Etsy, also look for the piece in my ArtFire shop, all are there) Please help give these unique pieces a home!

Blue Airship French Air Mail Stamp and Gears Copper Pendant

Brass Clockwork Gears Pendant and Brass Chain Necklace

Handmade Copper and Resin Soviet Airship Stamp and Tiny Gears Pendant

Rotating Clock Gear Ring with Hand-Hammered Adjustable  Brass Band

I hope that you find this voyage down memory lane useful and enjoyable!
~ DS


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