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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Steampunk Acronyms -- or "Computational Engine System Dialect Conventions"

Do you endeavor to add a touch of class to all of your communiques? Search no further, for now you shall speak fluent steampunk!

I came upon a post from the amazing Brass Goggles site.  Steampunk Emoticons, it promised!  I just HAD to look!  Though I think of emoticons as the little animated smileys that so many of us use, these lean towards the text variety.  Member Kabuki suggested that they have the title, "Computational Engine System Dialect Conventions".

Here, I quote the basic list, which has the originators' names after each.

-_Q      Monocle.     (Sir Andrew)
BTW      By The Way.     (Sir Andrew)
BTB      By The By.      (Sir Andrew)
WC      Water Closet  (traditional, mentioned by Rococoboy)
ByJ      By Jove!   (Sir Andrew, corrected by Heavyporker)
STOP      sentence end     (traditional, TheClockworkWasteland)
END      post end     (traditional, by Kabuki)
JOVE      By Jove alternative.     (Daeudi_454)
WAA      We are amused.     (RPFolkers)
HP      How peculiar.     (RPFolkers)
IS      I Say!     (BigGenNickYard)
QS      Quite so.     (BigGenNickYard)
WP      Well played.     (BigGenNickYard)
HH!      Here here!     (BigGenNickYard)
TB      Talking b*llocks.     (BigGenNickYard)
WWW      What what what?     (BigGenNickYard)
GSOC      Good show, old chap.  (MrFats)
WTD      What the Dickens?     (MrFats)
VF      Very Flash     (TheClockworkWasteland)
BTC      By the cogs!    (TheClockworkWasteland)
-O=O-      Goggles   (Sir Andrew)
THOB    Top hole, old bean.    (Wilibald)
WATT   What's all this then?    (CinnamonAndSpite)
--O-     Monoggle    (B. Fugu)
BRAWN   Badly Rendered, And Wanted Not - Replacement for spam (Simeon)
C|:)       Bowler Derby    (Otto Morgan)
"WP" equals "Well Played"
"HH" equals "Here Here!"
"TB" equals "Talking Bollocks!"
"WWW" equals "What what what?"   (NickYard)

 I verily believe that the BG community would take delight if they should see any of these "Computational Engine System Dialect Conventions" used out amongst the aether.

 Enjoy!           ~ DS

p.s. - Apologies for the sparse posts this week; I have had the flu since last weekend and my gears still will not wind all the way back up.  TB, indeed!

*see list above for definition


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