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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mechanical Owl Sculptures - Mechowlies!

Mechowlie by Kimberly Hart, from Etsy

These are so cute, I had to share news of their existence. They are for sale on Etsy, at about $100 each.  Here is what the artist says about them:

"All of my MechOwlies have very pronounced details, such as big round eyes, lil' beak, tucked-back wings, and little itty bitty details that make each one special! They are very unique creatures, and none of them are exactly the same.
They look like metal, don't they? Actually, the entire thing is handsculpted from polymer clay and finished with mica powders for an awesome metallic effect. Every little detail is done by hand, such as the many rivets and panels that you see. He can have coloured eyes, gears and watch innards, wind-up watch mechanisms, touches of gold and silver, and all sorts of other details as well."

She also sells mech birds and mech tentacles.  View her work on DeviantArt.


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