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Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Make Victorian May Day Flower Baskets

May Day Flower Cones by Over the Crescent Moon
     Many of the traditions associated with early May have ancient origins and span many countries, cultures, and religions; I discovered one that I found quite charming, and is said to have been embraced in the Victorian era: May Baskets.

     This tradition involved decorating some sort of small container, to which often would be added the flowers picked on one's morning stroll.  Then, the giver would leave the basket on a neighbor's doorstep, knock or ring, then run away.  If the recipient saw, pursued, and caught the basket giver, a kiss was to be exchanged. Aside from this possible result, giving a gift freely without expecting anything in return was the true intent of this practice, as well as celebrating the arrival of Spring!

     Though I have not given you much notice, dear readers, if you would like to read more about how one person created May baskets for mere pennies using cone hats, Victorian pattern paper, and lace, then head on over to the post on Over the Crescent Moon.

     For a description of how the Victorians observed May Day traditions, The Cup That Cheers has created a lovely post on the subject. Dances, May poles, hobby horses, feasts, and much more filled the day with glorious merrymaking.

     No matter what (if any) celebrations you have planned, do take time to smell the flowers.  Happy Spring!


  1. What fun! Love the way you've photographed these for us. So fetching!
    How would you like to post a link to this post at our latest Steam tea event?
    (Sorry, but I don't think armor would fit with the current them as wella s something a little more Victorian--and these remind us of the bases for the "posies" women sometimes would to wear at their belts in late Victorian England.)
    Won't you join us? We'd love to have your input.

  2. Thank you for the kind invitation.
    The baskets were made and photographed by Over the Crescent Moon, not myself; they are lovely, aren't they?
    I would enjoy following your voyages and the wonderful things you discover along the way.



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