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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stunning Spats for Summer!

Since the weather in the northern hemisphere has become unseasonably warm very quickly this year, I for one do not relish wearing tall boots.  The fashionable answer to this predicament is spatterdashes, also known as "spats".  This piece of clothing has military origins in the 19th century.  To read more about the history of spats, please read the Wikipedia article here.

Here are a few examples of spats that I found reasonably priced, and attractive for a steampunk outfit. (I focused on spats for women; men's spats are usually readily available, but appropriate and well-made designs for the steampunk female foot are not as easy to find!)

Black Leather Spats by VampireOodles on Etsy

Brown cotton and copper spats

Woolen Lace-Up spats by Monjiocreations on Etsy

Black Leather and Cloth Spats by Eidol on Etsy

Also, TotusMel makes some lovely tatted ankle corsets, which can be worn with dressier shoes.

Tatted Lace Ankle Corsets by TotusMel

If you prefer to try to make some spats yourself, WikiHow has an article on ... you guessed it - how to do it!

I hope this information points you in the direction of a few options to spruce up your gams without overheating your feet!


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