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Monday, June 7, 2010

Bully Bidet

     Most of us have seen the "steampunkized" electronic gadgets such as the iPod, the USB key, the computers and peripheral gadgets.  But Patrick Brawley brings an anachronistic touch to something we all use every day.  The toilet.   He calls it his Post-Steampunk (Teslapunk) Antique Toilet/Urinal of the Future.

 Find the Flush Capacitor!

     Perhaps such matters are not usually discussed in polite company, but this one was so clever, I just had to mention the unmentionable! (Yes, I know it isn't actually a bidet, but I imagine one could mod it!)

     Humorous modifications to the commonplace lend a strange allure to this golden throne; for example, it has a laser targeting system pointing to the bottom center of the bowl, perhaps for use during (or after!) those rough zeppelin rides.  A lighted control panel with multiple gauges and flush control button completes the ensemble.
A video of the device in action can be seen here.

     Thank you, Patrick, for bodging analog technology to something even lower-tech, rather than the usual steampunk vice-versa.  The dichotomy is refreshing.  Literally.


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