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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wherever the Wind Blows -- Pocket Watch Compass Necklace

Greetings, all!  Over the weekend, I posted my most recent creation for sale in my studio.  I am particularly happy with this piece because I think it has a true steampunk theme and aura.

The detailed cast brass compass rose has some beautiful sky blue enameling at the center which really makes the star 'pop'.  Since sea birds are often regarded as good luck by sailors of the oceans, I wanted to include them in the necklace as well; these two birds-in-flight bring good tidings and some spare brass gears that they found along their journey.  

As for the finish of the metals, I experimented with several metal paints before deciding to remove the coatings ... mostly!  The result was that just the most tenacious bits of two layers of color remained, and after a little bit of sanding and adding some super secret ink in strategic places I got the weathered look that I wanted.

For sale in my ArtFire shop, as usual.  There are several more photographs of the necklace as well as a short narrative about it on my studio page at this location:  
~ DS
(update 7-2-10 -- This necklace has been sold.  Thank you very much!)


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