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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Metamorphosis: Butterfly Pocket Watch Pendant - Before and After

I often ponder how to upgrade pieces I have already created but have the potential to be more steampunk than they are.  After receiving some inspiration from, of all things, a handmade gift tag given to me, I changed the accent pieces and added some "weather" to one of my favorite pendants.  Here are the before and after pictures:

                                                  Before                                                   After

The butterfly did not actually change in color (just the lighting and photography), but I did add some brass-colored highlights in places to jazz it up a bit.  A brass finding and a six-spoked watch gear replaced the other brass watch gear and clock part at the bottom center.  I also changed the copper chain out for a bass one; it better matches the pocket watch case.

This nifty trinket was for sale in my ArtFire studio: Bronzed Filigree Butterfly Pocket Watch Pendant.  Please feel free to browse the rest of my shop as well.   (Browsers welcome, buyers adored, indeed!)  It sold on 8/10/10; I truly hope the buyer enjoys it.  This was one of my favorite pieces ever.

~ DS


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