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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Steampunk Style Test

What is your Steampunk style?

Are you The Aristocrat, The Gadgeteer, The Scientist, The Explorer, The Officer, The Citizen, The Air Pirate, or The Ragamuffin?

The answers you choose in The Steampunk Style Test will reveal your true Steampunk self!

Though I might fancy different answers amongst the multiple choices based on my current mood, my final answers produced this result for me today:

"You are the Explorer, the embodiment of steampunk’s adventuring spirit.  For you, clothing should be rugged and reliable, and just as functional as it is attractive.  You probably prefer khaki or leather, and your accessories are as likely to include weapons as technological gizmos.  You probably wear boots and gloves, and maybe a pith helmet.  Most of what you wear is functional, and if you happen to wear goggles people had better believe that you use them.  In addition to Victorian exploration gear, your outfit probably includes little knickknacks from your various travels.  Above all, you are a charming blend of rugged Victorian daring and exotic curiosity." 

After finishing the quiz, you will see a detailed analysis and graphs comparing your answers to those of your peers.  (It asks for your date of birth, for which you can easily enter something close but not exact, if you want.)  You may also choose to be matched with others who got similar results, or to share your results via the standard social networks.


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