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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Tale of Two Roses: Rose Cameo Brass Brooch and Gilded Black Rose Brass Ring

I got a couple of pieces finished over the weekend!  Yay!  It was waaaay too hot to go out and target shoot on Saturday.  Ninety degrees is my limit to be out in all day.  (Okay, so I went to a shoot last weekend and it was 96 that day and I shot very well, but I am trying to learn my lesson!)

The first I will mention is a brass brooch pin with some vintage/antique beads and the image of a gently unfurling rose bud under a glass cabochon.
The technique: Although I had a plan for the oval opening in the center and weeks earlier had ordered glass cabochons to fit there, I eyed the brooch base for a long time, trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with it, and then as usual, I just went for it.  The brooch got a little bit of gold leafing to highlight certain spots and give the piece a little shimmer to contrast with the dark antiquing.  The star filigree bead from my grandmother's jewelry collection got a little bit of antiquing to contrast with the brass shimmering.  =p  All in all, I like how if turned out.
(Update 7-2-10 -- This brooch has now been sold.  Thank you!)

The second piece: a gilded, bold black rose on a brass filigree ring.
The technique: I wrapped thin brass wire in a "star" pattern through the center of the filigree section and around the petal-shaped metal base portion to be sure it would remain in place.  A polymer black rose topped it off nicely.  Then I got gold leaf crazy.  It was mostly for fun, and an experiment of how I can secure pieces together with wire rather than glue which makes them much sturdier and thus higher quality, IMO.  If someone likes it enough to purchase it, that's great!

Both of the pieces are for sale in my ArtFire studio, where one may peruse and buy any of my jewelry without signing up for anything.  But if you do sign in to ArtFire, you can leave feedback (they call it Kudos) for my shop once you have received your purchases, which I would appreciate greatly. 

And ... Welcome to my newest blog followers! Thanks to all of you fine ladies and gentlemen for reading my musings.  Please do tell your like-minded friends and family about this and/or my studio.  (Psst... on occasion I will post discount offers for my shop here, available only to those who have discovered this blog.  Gadzooks!)    I hope you enjoy.


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