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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Steampunk-Inspired Print Shoes

Typewriter Keds Slip-Ons.  Can you QWERTY with your toes?

     I enjoy looking at shoes.  I spend more time browsing than buying, but browse I do.  Out of curiosity, I decided to see what a search on 'steampunk shoes' revealed.
     Victorian era styles are a given.  Classic, sleek, stylish.
     Then we find others -- those that bring steampunk to the masses commercially.  Not handmade, not vintage, but still a slight reflection of that which NeverWas.  Did not know such items existed?   Neither did I!  Behold a few examples of such steam-inspired wizardry.

     For between $60 and $80, you can have your very own pair of steampunk Keds.
     They have sixteen pages of steampunk, goth, pagan, noir, etc. styles on the  Zazzle.com site, which is from where the above photos hailed. 
(I have never ordered from them, nor am I affiliated with them, so I cannot speak to their customer service.  Just thought these shoes were a cute way to show one's enthusiasm for steampunk, casually.)   Enjoy!


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