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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vintage Brass Brooch Steampunk Gear Pendant on Brass Chain

Here is my most recent creation, just finished an hour ago. I am torn whether to sell it or to keep it! I have ended up with many of the things I have made, partly because business is so slow in this economy... but most of the pieces I truly adore tend to sell, so maybe someone else will like this one, too!

The centerpiece is the frame of a brooch that belonged to my family. It had a small piece of cross-stitching in the center, which I removed and replaced with a piece of brass.

I think my additions to it are lovely. It does have more of an artistic quality rather than a functional one; it was too small to mesh all of the gears properly to make it look like a true clockwork, but I tried to make it interesting anyway.

This necklace sold in July 2010.  Thank you!


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