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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steampunk Suns!

I am thrilled that I sold another pendant from my Steampunk Sun collection, and the wonderful woman who bought it asked me to commission another resin pendant for her! I gave 27 combinations for her to choose from, and she chose what I am calling the "tri pendant". I will be shipping it out today. The picture is of the custom one. I think it is very cool! It is heartwarming when people like your designs so much that they ask for something custom.

My robot needs work! I painted the darn thing last week, then saw that some parts needed more sanding, so I have to paint it all over again once I get it smoothed out.

I often read about the marketing and pricing of handmade jewelry, and so I decided I should price my items more according to accepted guidelines, to actually make a small profit! Maybe. I usually only break even on materials, fees (that's 11% right off the top of any sale), shipping, packing materials ... and just forget the time I spent making something. If one wants to make a profit and move forward with a business, one must charge what things actually cost; I have to face that fact and hope people still like my pieces enough to purchase them.


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