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Monday, June 1, 2009

Pocket Watch Robot

My most recent project is a tiny robot, made from a pocket watch.

Finding materials that will work and look right has already taken me many weeks, but I think I have enough to start over (again!). So far, many many hours have been spent arranging and rearranging metal pieces, beads, making and discarding clay parts, frowning, occasionally uttering some choice words due to the utter failure of said materials to work properly. All on a tiny pocket watch case! (No pocket watches were harmed by me for this project.)

So. Since it is already 95 degrees outside, I am going to delay my yard work and work on this little booger some more. Not sure if I can use the name "dingbot" or "clank", since these terms come from GG. Need to ask the Foglios for permission to do that, and maybe eventually sell this piece, but I figure I need to actually *make* something first!

Wish me luck!


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